Board 2009-2010

Andrea Sánchez Ramírez


Name: Andrea Sánchez Ramírez
Nationality: Colombian
Background: Mechanical Engineer

I think Latin-America has a lot to offer to other regions of the world: The immense diversity in landscapes, nature, culture and, in special, its joyful and open-hearted people. The foundation of L.A.Voz comes to the purpose of bridge Latin America and the University of Twente, for connecting academic and cultural interests within the UT community.

It is my conviction that L.A.Voz can contribute not only to the dreams of many students looking for academic and cultural exchange, and in a more utopic sense, to the transformation of Latin America. We might be hosting the future leaders of our countries.. Joni wants to become president of Brazil and Nayeli an specialist in nanotechnology in Mexico. I want to work in the promotion of entrepreneur universities once return to Colombia.

Personally I am learning a lot from being part of L.A.Voz. and from my collagues, and no need to say that it is a way to feel closer to casa@ E.T.

Un abrazo

Joni Hoppen dos Santos

Public Relations

Name: Joni Hoppen dos Santos
Nationality: Very much Brazilian
Background: Information Systems and Economics

Who already knows me certainly noticed my enthusiasm about Latin America and especially Brazil “ohh Brazil”. So here is my question, do you feel confident to talk about the Latin American cultures, countries or perhaps about the languages spoken there? What about the Brazilian Portuguese? What does it have to do with the Portuguese from Portugal or with the Spanish language? Did you know that one of the Brazil’s biggest parties is the Oktoberfest? Did you know that Rio de Janeiro was the first European capital outside Europe? Well, if you are curious about Latin America, we would like say that we are all in the same boat. Hence, that is the underlying reason of our association. Feel youself invited to come along and enjoy our activities that no doubts will bring a great deal of personal enrichment to everyone.

Muito Obrigado!
Muchas Gracias!
Dank u wel!
Thank you!

Conrado (Coen) Federico Slagter


Name: Conrado (Coen) Federico Slagter
Nationality: Dutch/Argentinian
Background: Bs European studies/Premaster Business Administration

Being the result of a love story, starting in the mid-seventies in the Argentinean Pampa (in a beautiful place called Tres Arroyos), between two persons of Dutch / German descents, I am lucky enough to know how beneficial it can be to be exposed to completely different cultures. Without doing anything for it, I have been able to experience and enjoy the best of both worlds. The biggest part of my motivation to be part of this unique initiative comes therefore from my belief in the power of cultural enrichment, development and interaction. And it is exactly this belief, L.A Voz, stands for. We want our Voice to be heard all around the University of Twente and through enjoyment, fun and information sharing, we want to enhance the cultural diversity at the university. The best way to enjoy things is to enjoy them together! Therefore… if you recognize yourself a bit in this attitude and also have a sense of curiosity about Latin America?.Then perhaps L.A Voz might exactly be what you are searching for…!

Hope to hear your Voice! Un abrazo!, en een vriendelijke groet!!

Laura Ruard Douglas

Activity Coordinator

Name: Laura Ruard Douglas
Nationality: Colombian/French/Dutch
Background: Psychology

After a few years of enjoying all the nice things other students of the University of Twente have accomplished I found that it was time for me to give something back at the students community. In my search for a meaningful goal for achieving this I found a group of really nice and enthusiastic students starting a Latin American student association (L.A. VOZ) due to my Colombian roots this was clearly the best place for me to try and improve something at this University. At the end of this wonderful journey I hope to have contributed to the communication between the Dutch, Latin American and even other international students, have enlarged the knowledge of Latin American culture at our university and of course to have learned a lot.

Julián Martínez Mercado


Name: Julián Martínez Mercado
Nationality: Mexican
Background: Mechanical Engineer

The idea of having a Latin American student association at the University of Twente is just fabolous as there are more and more students and people interested either to come to the Netherlands or to go to Latin America. And that's the very reason for this association to exist!! We would like to help in building up a bridge to enhance the interaction between the parts. We believe in cultural enrichment and cooperation. We are eager to share with you our experiences, and even more eager to hear yours. There are still many things that Latin America has to share and receive! So, join our association or activities and be a messenger of your own country!

Te esperamos!! Venham, juntem-se a nos!! Kom en doe mee! Looking forward to meeting you!

Mario Escalante

Web Master

Name: Mario Escalante
Nationality: Venezuelan
Background: Electronic Engineer/Business and IT

There's nothing more rewarding than beginning something that will overcome the test of Time. Based on this foundation we seek to strengthen the integrative link between Latin America and, currently, the University of Twente, upon which cultural, educational, professional and recreational exchange can find easier ways of reaching both ends. During my previous studies I was part of another student association, that experience was incredibly fulfilling and rewarding, the teamwork, coordination and commitment required, along with the synergy and results it generated, provided a self-sustaining environment over which new horizons opened up and higher goals were achieved. These are the same expectations I have from the L.A. Voz Student Association and we would like you to become a part of it!

Jealemy Galindo Millán

Activity Commissionair

Name: Jealemy Galindo Millán
Nationality: Venezuelan
Background: Chemistry

After doing most of my university studies in Twente, joining this association is the ultimate integration experience for me. How is it like to be a Latin American among the Dutch? Are there any “crossing points” between us? What are the main differences between Dutch and Latin Americans? These are all questions I’ve been trying to answer in the past 8 years. For me this is great opportunity to show people in Holland that we are able to work together, integrate and still manage to keep our own roots. Therefore, if you are just curious or want to share your experience with us, please join us!