Board 2010-2011

Victoria (Vicky) Marín


Name: Victoria (Vicky) Marín
Nationality: Colombian
Background: Law, International Relations, Sustainable Development

I am proud of being Latin-American and especially Colombian. Our spirit of endurance and joyfulness no matter the circumstances is a gift inherited from our culture and from our brave ancestors that other cultures seem to appreciate a lot. To keep running and growing L.A. Voz with the same enthusiasm and hard work that the founder board put on it we have to bring the best of this spirit into this enterprise. A challenge that is really exciting. So, I invite all of those who want to embark on this adventure (Latin-Americans or not) to come on board, enjoy the Latin-American spirit as much as we do and help us to build up this piece of Latin-America in Twente.

Ileana Pinto

Public Relations

Name: Ileana Pinto
Nationality: Salvadorian
Background: Economics, Business Administration/International Management

Latin America is always close to my heart. Our music, food, language and other interesting aspects are certainly unique. Having said that, I want to have others to see how rich Latin culture is. Thus, as L.A. Voz Public Relations in-charge, I wish to spread our warm Latin-American culture among the wonderful diversity of origins in UT.

João Henrique Donker


Name: João Henrique Donker
Nationality: Dutch/Brazilian
Background: Computer Science, Embedded Computing Systems

After seeing the hard work the previous board did in promoting Latin America at the university I was compelled to join the new board. In the previous year La Voz gave me the opportunity to combine my university life with my Brazilian nationality. Something I had done rarely in the years before. Because of this I believe L.A. Voz is an excellent platform for cultural exchange between Latin Americans at the university and the rest of the student population. On a personal level I hope to meet many new and exciting people.

Muito Obrigado!
Muchas Gracias!
Dank u wel!
Thank you!

Juan Manuel Jauregui-Becker

Activity Coordinator

Name: Juan Manuel Jauregui-Becker
Nationality: Venezuelan/Dutch
Background: Mechanical Engineer

Last year, a group of students found each others with the desire of having a common ground for expressing the Latin American voice at the University of Twente. The result of their work is L.A.Voz: an up-and running vibrating association promoting a large range of Latin American affairs, like parties, music, food, culture, drinks, etc. From here that my expectation for this second year of L.A. Voz is to continue growing the roots that will allow the association last in time and become the central point for Latin American affairs at the UT.

Personally, I really like that this association gives Latin Americans the opportunity to learn more about our similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses, as well as allows non-Latinos to experience by themselves what L.A. means.

Edson Hiroshi Aoki


Name: Edson Hiroshi Aoki
Nationality: Brazilian
Background: Computer and Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering

I believe that the experience of going abroad shall be much more than only being physically in another country. It is also about understanding another culture, and surprisingly, understanding better the culture of your home country which is only possible when you see something different. It is also about meeting people and know the way they think, rather than just know tourist attractions. And last but not least, it is about teaching the local community something about the goods things from your home country, whether is food, arts, values or principles.

And if you agree with me, the LA Voz association should be perfect for you. For my fellow Brazilians and other Latin American students, it is a way to feel close to your home, without sacrificing the cultural enrichment of going abroad. For Dutch and people from other countries, it is a way to learn about the fascinating culture of Latin America from Latin Americans, without generalizations or stereotypes. And for both, a way to make some good friends - because every experience is a hundred times more fulfilling when you are not alone!

Mario Escalante

Web Master

Name: Mario Escalante
Nationality: Venezuelan
Background: Electronic Engineer/Business and IT

There's nothing more rewarding than beginning something that will overcome the test of Time. Based on this foundation we seek to strengthen the integrative link between Latin America and, currently, the University of Twente, upon which cultural, educational, professional and recreational exchange can find easier ways of reaching both ends. During my previous studies I was part of another student association, that experience was incredibly fulfilling and rewarding, the teamwork, coordination and commitment required, along with the synergy and results it generated, provided a self-sustaining environment over which new horizons opened up and higher goals were achieved. These are the same expectations I have from the L.A. Voz Student Association and we would like you to become a part of it!