Board 2011-2012

Oscar Enríquez


Name: Oscar Enríquez
Nationality: Mexican
Background: Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics

During its first two years of existence, L.A. Voz has established the reputation of being an enthusiastic association that makes its voice heard and that actively contributes to the multicultural life of the University of Twente (UT). I was already a student at the UT when L.A. Voz was founded and an active member since the beginning. As such, I am happy to see the results of the work and effort of the first two boards. Now it is a great pleasure to assume the responsibility of continuing this work along with Sergio, Juan Carlos, Diruji, and Teo. Our objective is to guide L.A. Voz towards its consolidation as a promoter of the Latin American cultures in Enschede, and to continue being the voice to the Latin students in the UT.

Teo Willink

Public Relations

Name: Teo Willink
Nationality: Costa Rican (Tico)
Background: Electrical Engineering

Studying in the Netherlands seemed like a daring challenge for a person coming from a small Latin American country like Costa Rica. However, it has turned out to be and enriching and colorful experience. Interaction with dutch and international students from very different countries opened my vision of the world and allowed me to realize the uniqueness and importance of my cultural identity. When the oportunity of representing Latin America and Costa Rica through L.A Voz showed up, it was impossible to let it go. Now, as a board member, I look forward to share the latin american (and costa rican) culture, points of view and tastes with many people from all over the world, as well as help other latin americans interact with other cultures. Let's work together for Latin America, then!

Juan Carlos Villamil Oostra


Name: Juan Carlos Villamil Oostra
Nationality: Colombian/Dutch
Background: Electrical Engineering

When I heard about L.A. Voz for the first time, it was a melodious music in my ears: an association about MY Latin America in My Netherlands! Equipped with an incompatible set of genes, inherited from my Colombian father and my Dutch mother, my life has always been a constant battle between two extremes, condemned to exist together in harmony. With L.A. Voz, they are getting an excellent opportunity to work together and provide me a unique and enriching experience.

Diruji Dugarte

Activity Coordinator

Name: Diruji Dugarte
Nationality: Venezuelan/Dutch
Background: Architect

Being so far away from my hometown Merida, Venezuela, made me realize how Latin I am and how proud I am to be Latin American. That is why I am happy to be part of this Latin American association at the university of Twente, where we can show how we live, work and of course, how we dance. I hope to give continuity to the stories that three years ago a group of Latin started writing. I hope to see many new faces and have a lot of fun together.

Sergio Duarte Torres


Name: Sergio Duarte Torres
Nationality: Colombian
Background: Computer Science, Information Retrieval

After living few years abroad I have become more aware of the wide cultural diversity and ethnicity richness that we have back home in Colombia. As a member of L.A. Voz I feel proud to share my cultural background with other students and very encourage to keep building on the success of the previous boards. I hope all the activities and interaction of this year will have an positive impact in th way people see Latin America and will help widening the knowledge people have about our culture. Specially this is a great chance for me to lead activities in a group that expose sides of our culture that are not so commonly visible to the outside world.

João Henrique Donker

General Commissionair

Name: João Henrique Donker
Nationality: Brazilian/Dutch
Background: Computer Science

Most people will know me as the last years treasurer. Currently I continue serving as acting treasurer, general paperwork problem solver and unofficial IT support.

Mario Escalante

Web Master

Name: Mario Escalante
Nationality: Venezuelan
Background: Electronic Engineer/Business and IT

There's nothing more rewarding than beginning something that will overcome the test of Time. Based on this foundation we seek to strengthen the integrative link between Latin America and, currently, the University of Twente, upon which cultural, educational, professional and recreational exchange can find easier ways of reaching both ends. During my previous studies I was part of another student association, that experience was incredibly fulfilling and rewarding, the teamwork, coordination and commitment required, along with the synergy and results it generated, provided a self-sustaining environment over which new horizons opened up and higher goals were achieved. These are the same expectations I have from the L.A. Voz Student Association and we would like you to become a part of it!