Board 2012-2013

Adriana Carolina Rodríguez Urribarrí


Name: Adriana Carolina Rodríguez Urribarrí
Nationality: Venezuelan
Background: Mechanical Engineering

Making a decision of going abroad for living and working in a complete different environment, means a professional and personal challenge for anyone. Finding the way to adjust to such changes, getting used to a different culture and completely submerging in a new environment is not a simple task but is a joyful life experience. I have spent a few years living far from my home town Maracay, Venezuela. This experience made me realize how rich we are when it comes to our Latin culture, one of the reasons is due to our personal mind set of happiness and a particular way to express emotions. These positive points cannot be separated of course from some other weak points related to our social and economic system.

When I came to know about L.A. Voz at the University of Twente, it was like finding a new home here in The Netherlands. Now, I have the opportunity to be part of this association, helping the inclusion between Latin and Dutch people. This experience has been another challenge which offered me so much personal enrichment. The preparation of cultural events, arrangement of a fundraising for a cause in Latin America and regular gatherings are more than motivating reasons to work in this association.

Without any doubt, the experience of working in L.A. Voz is one of the activities that I have enjoyed the most during my staying in The Netherlands. If you feel identified with the work we are doing, don't hesitate to contact us!

Diego Guerrero

Public Relations

Name: Diego Guerrero
Nationality: Colombian
Background: Law

I am a Colombian lawyer and musician. Currently, I am studying the Master program in Public Administration of the University of Twente and playing in two bands in Enschede. Through La Voz I enjoy working on culture and youth programs having a special interests on politic participation. My personal interests are on all musical genres, sports, traveling and reading. I am willing to do something new every day - a very Latin American quality!

Juan Carlos Villamil Oostra


Name: Juan Carlos Villamil Oostra
Nationality: Colombian/Dutch
Background: Electrical Engineering

Cultural interaction adds greater significance to the life of the individual. It opens new horizons, new states of mind. It allows him or her to think in a different way, to consider things from an unconventional point of view. It creates an arena for development and maturation of new ideas, for discussion and even (self) criticism. Armed with the heterogeneity of her members and with their common interest for Latin America, L.A. Voz aims to be a platform for encouraging this interaction. If you want to be part of this environment, don't hesitate to contact (and join) us!

Andreea Niculescu

Activity Coordinator

Name: Andreea Niculescu
Nationality: Romanian
Background: Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction

The best proof that L.A. Voz is an association open to anyone interested in Latin American culture is the fact that - despite being Romanian - I was allowed to join the board. The work for L.A. Voz is very challenging, but incredible rewarding: I am learning a lot about the Latin American culture – in many ways similar to my own - and on the other side, I am training many useful skills, such as planning and organizing events, creating the advertisement and painting the decoration. It is a very creative work that brings me a lot of joy! So far, being part of the board was one of the most enjoyable and enriching activities I’ve done in my life.

Carolina Valladares

Secretary (September - December 2012)

Name: Carolina Valladares
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Background: Sociology

When I was applying to the university, I remember feeling relieved and enthusiastic when I found out that there is a Latin American association at the University. Then, I was sure there would be a group of students for sharing experiences, advice, and anecdotes about living in a different culture! That is why afterwards I gladly accepted to be part of the Latin American board… now it would be my turn of working together for keeping ongoing an association that represents the voice of Latin-American students in the University, and strives for spreading the features of our culture of which we all are proud: joyfulness, solidarity, warmness and love for dancing, of course!

Javier Antonio Morán

Secretary (January - August 2013)

Name: Javier Antonio Morán
Nationality: Mexican
Background: Sustainable Energy Technology

I come from a very small town named Mexico City, I arrived to Enschede more than 2 years ago for doing a master in Sustainable Energy Technology, after graduating I decided to stay more time in Enschede. When I had the opportunity of being part of the board of L.A. Voz I did not hesitate in joining because it is a really nice experience and also a fun way to show the culture of Latin America to the different nationalities in the university. L.A. Voz organizes very interesting events from cultural activities to fun parties!! It has a good combination between serious and fun activities, being part of the board and help organizing these events is one of the best things I have done here.

Jennifer Naumann

External Coordinator

Name: Jennifer Naumann
Nationality: German/British
Background: International Business Administration

Being close to many different cultures has always interested me! In order to follow the course of International Business Administration and to gain insight into a new (even if not so different) culture, I decided to come to the Netherlands. I was brought up in Germany but have always been close to the British culture through family background. During my first few months here I got involved with many international students especially with a Latin American crowd! I am very interested in the culture, traditions and music and I am planning to do an internship in Costa Rica very soon. All this led to my decision to join L.A. Voz! By presenting the Latin American culture to other students and organizing fun activities I hope to inspire others to connect all cultures with their traditions, language and music.