Origin of the name

From the very beginning, we realized that finding a fair acronym to represent 20 different Latin American countries was our first challenge. In our brainstorm sessions, one of the possible acronyms we seriously considered was “L.A.S.A”, standing for "Latin American Student Association”. However we felt that this particular acronym would neither be appealing, nor representative enough, for the diverse cultural goals present in the perceptions of our members. Our bold intention was to find such a unique combination of letters, that would be rather simple but catchy enough to represent the cultural diversity of a population of around 580 million people.

Bearing this in mind, our last resort was to search for a word that would have the same meaning and spelling in Portuguese as well as Spanish. Although we recognize the existence of many other languages within the continent, Spanish and Portuguese are by far the most widely spoken. Yet, some people mistakenly regard South America as an entirely Spanish-speaking area, we did not want to overlook the overall presence of the Brazilian Portuguese, which covers nearly half of the South American continent in terms of geography and population.

In the quest for the most suitable name, some possible words were suggested such as: “Casa” = Home,  “Amigos” = Friends, etc. However, when the word “VOZ” = Voice, was proposed, this immediately sparked everybody’s attention, because we instantly realised that there would be no better word for representing our main organization goal, which is to convey the Latin American culture through our voices. Furthermore, for some people, due to its simplicity, the word “VOZ” would be one of the first Spanish/Portuguese expressions on their vocabulary. Hence a good staring point for knowing what Latin America is all about...!