Fascinated by the vivacious imagination characteristic of her culture, and following the traditional techniques of Mexican "cartonería", Daniela Flores Magón produces her work using the force of vibrant colors and capricious organic forms that speak for themselves. Through a contemporary vision of art, she has found a style that continuously evolves.

alebrijes1Daniela grew up surrounded by the works of Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Guadalupe Posada, who undoubtedly provided inspiration for these works. Every year at her home, traditional altars and offerings were displayed on the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday for remembering and honoring those who have passed away. Therefore, you can here find “calaveras” (skulls or skeletons) as well as small demons, dragons, fantastic animals, and other pieces; all painted with meticulous patterns.

alebrijes2Alebrijes are animals of odd shapes, sculpted from wire and cardboard. Today they are an important part of Mexican culture and tradition. The legend has it that Alebrijes are born from nightmares or feverish hallucinations but with the intent to protect you and take care of your dreams. So despite their weird shapes, they are kind and loyal guardians.

In order to achieve a strong structure, the body and limbs of the Alebrije are shaped with wire and covered successively with several layers of paper. It is important to take into account that painting an Alebrije is a very complex task; unlike a canvas, it is not a flat object, so the artist must have a steady hand to reach into its deepest corners with a fine paintbrush.

alebrijes3The beauty of this work lies in the artist’s enormous patience to create incredibly detailed patterns, and in the magical combinations of bright colors that catch the audience’s eye and make them wonder how the Alebrije is made.

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