Is LA VOZ just for Latin-American students at the university of Twente?

The answer is NO.

The main purpose of LA VOZ is to bridge Latin America and Enschede; therefore there is room for a lot of people! For the master and Ph.D. students who arrived to the University of Twente, and who are interested in avoiding homesicknessā€¦ get out of home, forget about the winter and come share the Latin spirit with us. It is very interesting knowing about other nationalities, discussing our similarities and the experiences at each country.

But also those UT students, interested to travel to Latin America as part of internship, master thesis, study tour, etc. come along! You will get a touch of the culture before traveling. Here you can ask all types of questions regarding people, interesting spots, education system, basic vocabulary flirting sentences and more!

Needless to say, Latin-American who have emigrated many years ago, and share both cultures, this is a place where you can remember your roots, and of course you can give us more insight about our host countries. Laura and Coen are excellent examples.

In the future, we will try to expand our friend network to ITC and Saxion, the other two major institutes for higher education in Enschede. Study and student associations, staff members of the university are of course welcomed.  As the saying goes: our house is your house: Nuestra casa es su casa (ES) / sua casa minha casa (PT)

LA Voz... feeling the Latin-American casa in Twente.