Living in Enschede

My name is Coen Slagter, I'm 24 years and currently entering my 4th year at the university Twente, in which I am doing a bachelor European Studies as well as a pre-master Bussiness Administration. (More information about myself can be found in the about us section of this site). In the comming sections of this article, I would like to share my experiences and thoughts with you, about the city of Enschede and its university.


How to carry a friend...

How to carry a friend, a 20 kg wheeled-luggage, and the groceries at the same time without a car?

The facts: I am.

Julián Martínez Mercado, Mexican, 30 years old, PhD student in applied physics, living in Enschede since May 2007.

The roots: my background.

I come from Mexico City, a.k.a. "El DeFe" (Federal District in Spanish). For those who do not know it, it is an immense, surprising, chaotic, vibrant, hectic, never-sleeping, terrible, terrific city. As you already see it is a dual city, a city that you sometimes love and sometimes you hate.