Living in Enschede

My name is Coen Slagter, I'm 24 years and currently entering my 4th year at the university Twente, in which I am doing a bachelor European Studies as well as a pre-master Bussiness Administration. (More information about myself can be found in the about us section of this site). In the comming sections of this article, I would like to share my experiences and thoughts with you, about the city of Enschede and its university.

I myself, started studying and living in the centre of Enschede 4 years ago, but I familiarised with the region already on a much younger age and I recall myself thinking, that summer day, in which we arrived in The Netherlands, and eventually in Overijssel in particular, "mmm.. not bad, this place, I think I can get used to it", and so (as it turned out) I indeed did get used to this region, its city Enschede and its university.

As being a small city, not comparable in any way to metropolitan city's like Buenos Aires or Mexico City, Enscheda has (perhaps due to this smallness) a sort of charm and calmness surrounding it. This uniqueness is also widely promoted by the region's tourist association, which does everything it can to share, what they think Twente has to offer, in term of its distinctive landscapes, lakes, forests and agrarian area's.

Of course the region’s impressive landscapes and tranquillity are not in itself the number one reason, making living and studying in Enschede an enjoyable experience. For this to happen we need to add to the equation, the University's community life and it’s social fabric, consisting of a wide range of associations, in the fields of sport, culture and education, each of which is constantly busy, organising events and parties, making it almost impossible for students to get bored at any time of the year.

Besides the high degree of social activism taking place at the university, another pleasant feature of the University of Twente is that it has, as one of the few universities in The Netherlands, an impressive campus complex, uniting all it has to offer in terms of culture, sports, education and social participation, in just one distinctive geographical area. This in particular is something that most other universities in The Netherlands simply lack and are not able to give to its students.

To make a larger story a bit smaller, making your stay and study time in the Netherlands enjoyable, will not be any easier than it already is, due to the university's as well as the regions characteristics and possibilities for self-development and social enrichment. The only thing needed for you to feel at home is "to be" present and take your chances.