Jobs & Opportunities

eNLace MX is a professional and academic contact platform, which intends to facilitate cultural and technological exchange between Mexico and the Netherlands.  Our vision is to become the main means to promote knowledge exchange between these two countries.

We link the talent of students in Dutch universities with Mexican institutions through projects that promote personal and professional development of both parties.


Institution: Ilumexico
Place: Federal District, Mexico
Project name: Research for International markets & development of Ilumexico's market expansion

Iluméxico is seeking to expand internationally. Not only because that would greatly increase our programs and the development of solar Mexican technology, but also because it would be part of a long term strategy to gain access to international markets and learn from the experience of implementing our program in different countries.


Institution: HUB Oaxaca
Place: Oaxaca. Mexico

Design a marketing strategy for the HUB Oaxaca, through understanding the local market and culture.

We need a student who can design a marketing strategy that can reach the local audience in Oaxaca while at the same time can be able to adapt the message to different type of audiences.


Institution: Centro de Estudios Biológicos BIOMAR A.C.
Place: Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo. Mexico
Project name: Assessment of seaweed and plant extracts against red palm mite (Raoiella indica).

The project will be conducted in the laboratory of sciences of a local Technical University (HBO, WO).