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Institution: Centro de Estudios Biológicos BIOMAR A.C.
Place: Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo. Mexico
Project name: Assessment of seaweed and plant extracts against red palm mite (Raoiella indica).

The project will be conducted in the laboratory of sciences of a local Technical University (HBO, WO).

Problem description:

Red palm mite has become a serious problem for the palms in Natural Reserve of Sian Kaan and Quintana Roo's shores. This affectation is present in Cocos nucifera (coconut palm), in endemic palm Thrinax radiata, Sabal spp. and in Acoelorraphe wrightii.


  1. To prepare ether and aqueous extracts of seaweeds and plants with potential use as biological control against red palm mite.
  2. To test the efficiency of this extracts as biological control against red palm mite.
  3. To evaluate other possibilities for biological control of red palm mite.

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