Jobs & Opportunities

Institution: Ilumexico
Place: Federal District, Mexico
Project name: Research for International markets & development of Ilumexico's market expansion

Iluméxico is seeking to expand internationally. Not only because that would greatly increase our programs and the development of solar Mexican technology, but also because it would be part of a long term strategy to gain access to international markets and learn from the experience of implementing our program in different countries.

Because we are convinced sustainable energy is a viable alternative for social development, we are eager to expand our model and to do so, we require an intern that might develop the following activities:

Main activities:

  1. Market evaluation for the expansion of our project abroad: this would be particularly interesting for technical profiles, such as engineers and industrial design experts.
  2. Analysis and synthesis of our project by learning everything about our operative model in the franchises across Mexico.
  3. Market research and statistical analysis of countries with particular potential for our project.
  4. Research and development of the internationally recognized certification "Lightning for Africa".
  5. Research of new technologies and programs designed to develop lithium batteries for solar lighting.

Interested on the project?

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