The name of this association shall be LATIN AMERICAN VOZ hereinafter referred to as L.A. VOZ.

The purpose of L.A.VOZ shall be:

  • To promote and to enhance diversity in our campus, and bring Latin American culture to the public awareness through art, music, sports, and traditions.
  • To promote international student exchange, to orient incoming students to the University of Twente and students interested in going to Latin America.
  • To assist exchange students in their effort to adjust to a new environment either at the UT as well as at Latin American countries.
  • To function as representatives of Latin American countries and to introduce Latin American culture to students and staff of UT.

ARTICLE III: Membership
Section 1. Membership in L.A. VOZ shall be open to all UT students, alumni, staff and their families, who accept the rules stated in this constitution.
Section 2. Members shall be eligible to vote for decisions as stated in this constitution.
Section 3. A membership fee will be asked once to all members, without exception.


Section 1. The board of L.A. VOZ shall consist of:

  1. President.
  2. Secretary-Vice President.
  3. Treasurer.
  4. PR Coordinator.
  5. Activity Coordinator


Section 2. Duties and Powers:


  1. The duties of the president shall be, to head all meetings, to call special meetings and to appoint committees. The president is responsible for representing L.A.VOZ at UT meetings or appoint another board member. In case the number of board members drops to 4: the vote of president/substitute shall count for 2.
  2. The duties of the secretary shall be, to keep an accurate, permanent record of minutes and proceedings of the association. To keep updated the membership administration and incoming emails. As Vice President, he/she is required to perform all duties of the President in his/her absence.
  3. The duties of the treasurer shall be, to keep an accurate and complete record of all monetary transactions. Also the treasurer should develop the annual budget, activity budget, and to present an evaluation of actual cost per activity.
  4. The duties of the PR coordinator shall be, to publicize the activities of the association and, to establish and maintain contact with students associations and external entities.
  5. The duties of Activity coordinator shall be, to organize and coordinate activities, to call special meetings, to be responsible for activity committees.
  6. All board members are responsible for getting new members.
  7. Board members should demonstrate commitment not only to their own responsibilities, but when possible to support the other board members.


Section 3. Election of the board:


  1. Election of the board shall be held once a year (actual date to be decided by members' votes). The term of board shall be for a year following election.
  2. In case a board position is not filled the other members shall share the uncovered duties.
  3. In case the number of board members drops below four an election shall be held within 15 days.
  4. Only members of the associations are eligible for board position.
  5. The majority of votes of the members of the association shall be necessary for election of a candidate.


ARTICLE V: Sources of Income

  1. Activity fees.
  2. Donations.
  3. Subsidies from organizations having same type of objectives and activities.
  4. Fundraising.


ARTICLE VI: Meetings

Section 1. All members of the association shall participate in plenary meeting once a year, where:


  1. The rules stated in this constitution can be changed based on the voting of the majority.
  2. Proposals and objections can be raised about the ongoing proceedings.
  3. An evaluation of the activities carried by the leaving board is presented.
  4. The new board presents a program with the main activities and goals to achieve during the subsequent period.


Section 2. Committees shall meet once every two weeks and report their proposals, progress on current activities and budget requirements to the board.

Section 3. The board members shall meet every two weeks, where:


  1. Previous activities are evaluated.
  2. Reports received by the committees are evaluated.
  3. New activities are planned.
  4. Progress of the board members is discussed.


ARTICLE VII: Dissolution of the Organization
In case of dissolution, all the assets of the association will be transferred to a non-profit organization having same type of objectives and activities by majority vote of the members of the association.

ARTICLE VIII: Discrimination Policy
In compliance with Dutch laws, L.A. VOZ does not discriminate against any individual or group on any ground.