Most Dutch students have a so-called 'OV-studentenkaart', which is either valid for the weekends or the weekdays. With that card they can travel for free and additionally they can take three people with them who then only pay 60% of the regular price.

If you will travel a lot, another option is to buy a reduction card, which is valid for one year and gives 40% reduction after 09h00 on weekdays and the whole day during weekends. Also here you can take three people with you who will get the same reduction!

Plan your trip:

  • By all public transport like bus, underground, etc.


The Night Rider is a night bus which goes from the city centre to the Campus. The Night Rider only rides at Thursday night. From 02h32 till 04h32 he rides twice an hour. The bus departs from Enschede Central Station and stops at several bus stops at the Campus. You can buy the ticket inside the bus, costs are €1.20. The bus does not ride during summer break.