At the UT you have a wide range of choices; there is almost no sport too crazy, from gliding to under-water hockey. There are approximately 30 sport clubs where you can practice competitive or recreational sports. There are also numerous possibilities for individual participation and of course there is no lack of accommodations.



To give a brief insight into the facilities: a sports center with four sports halls, a dojo, a fencing and table tennis hall, a weight lifting area, a fitness room, a billiards room, and an indoor swimming pool. Outdoor facilities are numerous; beach volleyball courts, a hockey field and football field both with artificial grass, a tennis complex with ten artificial grass courts, and a 400-meter dirt track, all equipped with lights. Additionally, the campus has four football fields of natural grass, a baseball field, two basketball courts, and a 100-meter long track for archery.

It does not end there: there is a lighted and heated open-air swimming pool with instruction pool, a water sports complex at the Twentekanaal for rowing and sailing clubs, and room for air rifle, photo, badminton, gun and hand bow shooting. There is also the sports centre and the Sportraad organization that organizes instruction and support of club sports, give different courses in tennis, archery, swimming, tae bo and aerobic dancing, and organize recreational tournaments, fitness and power instructions, and ski camps. Not to be forgotten is the Batavierenrace foundation that organizes the world’s largest relay race every year.

If you want to know if your sport is on the UT, please visit: